Dental Unit Waterline & Bottle Cleaner

Cleans Contaminated Waterlines & Bottles

Maintains Dental Water Quality


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  • Mint-A-Kleen’s treatment by itself meets ADA and CDC water quality standards.
  • Does not require the use of multiple products such as powders, tablets, cartridges or filters.
  • Mint-A-Kleen is the only product you need for dental unit waterline treatment.
  • Mint-A-Kleen is backed by extensive research and years of use in dental offices across the nation.
  • Our tested and proven formula has been on the market longer than any competitive brand.
  • EPA Registered in all 50 states.

ECONOMICAL: Only $2.99/week per operatory.

  • 4 oz. once per week. A 16 oz. Mint-A-Kleen bottle will clean waterlines in one operatory for an entire
    month, with no need for supplementary products. Mint-A-Kleen is all you need. Compatible with all
    dental units.


  • Cleans waterlines overnight! Mint-A-Kleen is used after dental business hours. Cleans lines when you’re not working.
  • Mint-A-Kleen’s ingredients do not corrode, clog or leave residue in waterlines, bottles or equipment—meaning that dental offices avoid additional expenses from wear and tear. Formulated without harsh chemicals. No impact on bonding.


  • Ready to use. No mixing, no diluting, no mess.
  • Mint-A-Kleen is a mint blue, liquid solution designed without harsh chemicals to directly contact waterline walls and bottles—thoroughly treating, cleaning and protecting them from buildup of microbial contamination.

Mint-A-Kleen is widely renowned as the best waterline cleaner on the market—a trusted, affordable solution for the waterline infection control needs of dental offices worldwide.

Mint-A-Kleen helps dental practices protect waterlines with a convenient three-step, once-per-week process.

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Mint-A-Kleen 1 Pack (One 16 oz Bottle), Mint-A-Kleen 6 Pack (Six 16 oz Bottles), Mint-A-Kleen 10 Pack (Ten 16 oz Bottles), Mint-A-Kleen 1 Gallon Jug

Product Details

  • 4 oz. weekly treatment per operatory.  A 16 oz. Mint-A-Kleen bottle will treat an operatory for one month.
  • Does not corrode, clog, or leave residue.
  • Ready to use—no mixing or diluting necessary.
  • Compatible with all dental units.
  • No impact on bonding.


Initial Cleaning:
Week 1: Use every night
Week 2-5: Use bi-weekly

Routine Cleaning:
Use once per week. For optimal results, use at the end of the last business day of the week.

MINT-A-KLEEN® Instructions
MINT-A-KLEEN® Safety Data Sheet