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AE Drain tube attached to unit

DEAD ENDS® Drain Tube


Dental Waterline Cleaning Accessory

Drains Contaminated Water from Dental Unit

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DentaLINE® Connector


Dental Waterline Cleaning Accessory

Re-routes Mint-A-Kleen® from being Filtered

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DentaLOCK® Bottle Adapter


Dental Unit Water Bottle Accessory

Quickly Connects Bottle to Dental Unit

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DENTube® Pick-Up Tubes


Dental Water Bottle Pick-Up Tube Straws

Sizes:  750 mL, 1 Liter, 1.5 Liter & 2 Liter

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Portable Dental Waterline Cleaning System

Cleans Dental Units without Bottle Systems

1 PRO-KLEEN SYSTEM Cleans Multiple Dental Units

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PRO-KLEEN® Installation Kit


Utility Box Connector for PRO-KLEEN®


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