Dental Unit Water Line Cleaner

32 FL OZ Bottle


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For the Cleaning & Control of Microbial Contamination in Dental Unit Water Lines.

EPA Registered Dental Water Line Cleaner Offering an Efficient and Effective way to Remove Microbial Contamination from Waterlines.

  • Does not require the use of multiple products such as powders, tablets, cartridges or filters.
  • Shocking is designed without harsh chemicals ingredients — does not corrode, clog or leave residue in waterlines, bottles or equipment — thoroughly treating, cleaning and protecting them from buildup of microbial contamination.
  • Dental offices avoid additional expenses from wear and tear.  No impact on bonding.
  • Ready to use.  No mixing, no diluting, no mess.

Routine Weekly Cleaning:

  • Use Shocking® Once Per Week.
  • Use Shocking at the End of the Last Business Day.
  • Leave Shocking in Dental Unit Water Lines & Bottle Overnight and Over the Weekend.
  • On Monday Morning Before Dental Procedures Begin, Air Purge Water Lines again then Flush Waterlines with Water.

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