Dental Water Bottle Cleaner

32 FL OZ Bottle


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For the Cleaning & Control of Microbial Contamination in Dental Water Bottles.

BottleX® is a Patented and EPA Registered Dental Water Bottle Cleaner.  Clean your Contaminated Dental Water Bottles with BottleX® to help Maintain your Dental Unit Water Quality.

• Cleans & controls microbial contamination in dental water bottles.
• No mixing or diluting.
• Ready to use.
• Ingredients do not corrode or leave residue inside dental bottles.
• One 32 oz bottle.
• Made in the USA.

Routine Weekly Cleaning:
• Use BottleX once per week at the end of the last business day.
• Leave BottleX in dental water bottle overnight and over the weekend.
• Monday morning before dental procedures begin, rinse dental water bottle with water source.

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