DentaLINE® Connector

Dental Waterline Cleaning Accessory

Re-routes Mint-A-Kleen® from being Filtered


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NOTE: The DentaLINE Connector is for Mint-A-Kleen® Users that have a Water Purifying Filter Cartridge installed in the Dental Bottle’s Pick-Up Tube.

INDICATIONS FOR USE: DentaLINE Connector is an Elongated Pick-Up Tube that Replaces the Water Purifying Filter Cartridge
During Mint-A-Kleen’s Waterline Cleaning Treatment.

  • DentaLINE re-routes Mint-A-Kleen from being Filtered.
  • The Pick-up Tube Connects to the Existing Short Pick-Up Tube.
  • DentaLINE ensures that Mint-A-Kleen is NOT Filtered through the Water Purifying Filter Cartridge.

Before Mint-A-Kleen Treatment, Disconnect the Water Purifying Filter and Remove the Cartridge so that Mint-A-Kleen’s Formula is NOT Filtered.

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