DEAD ENDS® Drain Tube

Dental Waterline Cleaning Accessory

Drains Contaminated Water from Dental Unit


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What are “Dead Ends” in a Dental Unit?
Dead Ends are Blocked Dental Waterlines within the Dental Unit.  These Blocked Dental Waterlines Prevent the Dental Water from Continuously Flowing, which Creates Stagnant Contaminated Water within the Dental Unit.

Indications for Use:
Dead Ends® Drain Tube is a Dental Waterline Cleaning Apparatus that Drains & Removes Blocked, Stagnant and Contaminated Water from the Dental Water Bottle & Dental Unit, a Reservoir for Bacteria, which are known as Dead Ends.

How it Works?

  • Dead Ends Drain Tube Connects to a Dental Unit Water Outlet (Cavitron/Hydrocolloid).
  • The Drain Tube’s Male Quick Connect Opens the Blocked Water Outlet on the Dental Unit.
  • The Drain Tube is Connected to an Active Saliva Ejector, which Drains the Stagnant Contaminated Water from the Dental Unit and Attached Dental Water Bottle.
    • The Drain Tube’s Clear Tubing Allows the User to see Water Removal.

QUICK & EASY PURGE PROCESS: Purging Water from Dental Unit & Dental Water Bottle.

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