Portable Dental Waterline Cleaning System

Cleans Dental Units without Bottle Systems

1 PRO-KLEEN SYSTEM Cleans Multiple Dental Units


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The PRO-KLEEN® SYSTEM is a portable, pressurized dental unit waterline cleaning system designed to dispense Mint-A-Kleen® Dental Unit Waterline Cleaner, to dental units connected to city water, without bottle systems.

Now, offices on city water without bottle systems, do not have to invest in bottle systems in order to treat and maintain clean dental unit waterlines.

Administering Mint-A-Kleen using PRO-KLEEN is a safe, affordable, convenient and effective cleaning system for offices on city water that are committed to dental unit waterline infection control.

Because it is portable, only 1 is needed per office.

**ONE Installation Kit is included with purchase of the PRO-KLEEN System.  Kits needed for additional operatories are sold separately.**

Product Details

• Toggle operated – Single toggle switch controls Air Purge or Mint-A-Kleen injection.
• No dental unit water bottle system required.
• Portable.
• Mint-A-Kleen Bottle easily mounts into PRO-KLEEN’s manifold.

• One PRO-KLEEN® System cleans all dental unit operatories – Portable and easy to use.
• Dental offices on city water can clean waterlines without the need of a dental unit water bottle system.
• Convenient – Unique design and light weight makes moving and storage easy.

Product Literature

PRO-KLEEN® Installation Guide
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