DentaLOCK® Bottle Adapter

Dental Unit Water Bottle Accessory

Quickly Connects Bottle to Dental Unit



Save Time Changing your Bottles with DentaLOCK®, a Quick Connect Dental Water Bottle Adapter.

  • LOCK & SEAL Feature Allows Quick Bottle Attachment & Removal from Dental Unit.
  • QUICK CONNECT Feature SAVES Time & Money:
    • No Cross Threading.
    • Extends Life Span of Bottle.
    • Eliminates Screwing Bottle onto Dental Unit.
    • Prevents Wear & Tear on Dental Unit Manifold.
  • EASY to Install on Dental Unit (No Tools Required).
  • Designed to Retrofit into an Existing Water Bottle System with Standard 28 mm Bottle Threads.
    • Universally Fits Dental Unit Water Purification Cartridges.

Saves Time. Quality Made. Built to Last. Easy to Install.

DentaLOCK® Kit Includes:
• Dental Unit Manifold Adapter (1)
• Black Locking Mechanism (1)
• Dental Water Bottle Adapter (1)
• Pickup Tubing, cut-to-fit (1)

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Product Literature

DentaLOCK Instructions/Installation Guide