Cleaning System for Dental Units

Cleans Dental Units on City Water


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With the Flip of a Toggle Switch – Clean your Dental Waterlines while Remaining on City Water

DentaKLEEN® is Designed to Clean Dental Unit Waterlines for Dental Units Connected to City Water without a Bottle System.

DentaKLEEN is a City Water Delivery System that uses Dual Toggle Switches:
Toggle Switch #1:  Controls City Water Flowing into Dental Unit.
Toggle Switch #2:  Air Purges Dental Unit or Adds Mint-A-Kleen into Dental Unit.

• FDA Registered.
• Cleans Dental Unit Waterlines Connected Directly to City Water.
• During Boil Water Advisory Alert – DentaKLEEN’s System can Transform into an Independent Closed Bottle System.
• Includes 1 Liter Heavy Duty HDPE Dental Unit Water Bottle.

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Product Details

• City Water Toggle Switch—Allows for turning City Water ON or OFF.
• Waterline Toggle Switch—Allows for Air Purge or delivery of Mint-A-Kleen.
• Includes: Heavy Duty 1 Liter Dental Unit Water Bottle—Holds Mint-A-Kleen Dental Unit Waterline cleaner during Waterline Treatment or can hold dental unit water from your preferred water source during dental procedures. Great system to have in case the dental office is not able to use city water
• Pre-set In-line Regulator—Regulates delivery system to remain at safe air pressure.
• Two-inch Pole Clamp—Included for easy mounting.
• Includes: Dead Ends® Drain Tube— Connects to Dental Unit Water Outlet (Cavitron Outlet). Opens Blocked Dental Waterline and Removes Contaminated Stagnant Water from Dental Unit into Saliva Ejector.

• Can be installed in any operatory that uses a continuous source of water such as city or well water.
• Works with All Manufacturers’ Dental Units.
• Mint-A-Kleen remains in Bottle until next refill—resulting in convenient waterline cleaning and less
waterline/bottle contamination.
• Quick Installation: can easily be mounted on a pole or flat surface.

Product Literature

Please carefully follow detailed installation and usage instructions when cleaning waterlines with Mint-A-Kleen. For more information, please click on the links below to download PDF documents.

DentaKLEEN® Instructions
DentaKLEEN® Installation Guide