STERI-SOL® Solution

Dental Handpiece Cutting Solution

32 FL OZ Bottle




STERI-SOL®, a Dental Handpiece Cutting Solution, is an Antiseptic Lubricating Coolant that replaces Water during Dental Handpiece Drilling on Tooth Structure.

•  For Use with Air or Electrically Driven Dental High Speed & Low Speed Handpiece Operative Procedures.
•  Dispensed by the STERI-SOL SYSTEM & Delivered to Handpiece’s Dedicated Coolant Line.
•  FDA Registered Accessory to Medical Device.  For use by Licensed Dental Practitioners.

Reduce Aerosols with STERI-SOL®


  • Reduces Aerosols.
  • Less STERI-SOL Solution required for Operative Procedures.
  • Enhances Handpiece Performance.
  • Improves Cutting, Cooling & Lubricating Tooth Structure.
  • Smoother & Cleaner Cut Surface on Tooth Structure.
  • Increases Cutting Efficiency.
  • Saves Operative Time.
  • Cuts 3 Times Faster on Tooth Structure than Water.  Used in Place of Water.
  • Less Trauma to the Tooth.  Decreases Friction & Vibration from Chipping from Bur & Torque Pressures.
  • Prolongs Lifespan of Handpiece’s Burs & Internal Parts.  Lubricates Handpiece’s Internal Parts.
  • Less Smear Layer.  Increases Quality of Tooth Preparation.
  • Improves Patient Experience.  Cool Mint Flavor Masks Bad Tastes & Odors during Operative Procedures.


Product Details

Indications for Use:

Read Directions of Use for STERI-SOL SOLUTION Prior to Use.

  • Use STERI-SOL Solution ONLY during Dental Operative Procedures. NO impact on bonding.
  • Water is ONLY used when Rinsing the Cavity Preparation or Patient’s Oral Cavity.