Dental High-Speed Suction Valve

High Volume Evacuator – Leverless Design



Assemble and Disassemble in Seconds!

AirSTEALTHHVE’s smooth body contour and hidden valve enables an ON/OFF feature by sliding the body of the valve up and down. This sliding function allows the internal O-rings to clean the body and eliminate sticking.

The aseptic design combined with user-friendly features promotes efficient and effective evacuation. The internal trap prevents dental debris from entering the evacuation system.

Product Details

• Autoclavable.
• Smooth anodized aluminum body contour for an ergonomic fit.
• No-lever design allows for one-handed operation.
• Simple and lightweight swivel quick-disconnect for operation and cleaning.
• Hangs from dental units.
• No external levers to replace.
• All aluminum parts. No plastic parts that can break.
• Quick and easy disassembly for cleaning and sterilization.
• Self-cleaning. Internal Viton O-rings promote continuous cleaning and a ‘no-stick’ factor with the on/off sliding feature.
• Internal trap built into the body of the valve prevents items (inlays, crowns, cotton rolls) from entering the dental unit evacuation system.

Product Literature

AirSTEALTH HVE Instructions for Use