Zoral Scaler Solution®

Lubricating Coolant Irrigating Solution



Zoral® Irrigates, Cools and Lubricates

Oral Dental Irrigant:
• Removes particles from sulcus when irrigating.

• Cools the tissue and scaling instrument.

• Less trauma on the tooth structure and soft tissue.
• Lubricates scaler’s tip to gently enter sulcus for a smoother scaling procedure.

Zoral® Scaler Solution is used during dental scaling procedures instead of water.


If no ultrasonic scaler reservoir is available, use Zoral’s Bottle System by Anodia Systems® (Item#: MAK-1310).

Product Details

• FDA Registered.
• Proven CHX formula.
• Viscous liquid solution reduces aerosols.
• Spearmint Flavor masks bad tastes and odors during scaling procedures.
• Contributes to soft tissue healing.
• Utilize during dental scaling procedures instead of water.
• No foaming. Anti-foaming ingredient allows user better vision of operative site.

Product Literature

Zoral® Scalar Solution Directions PDF

Zoral® Scalar Solution Safety Data Sheet PDF